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The International Costumers' Guild (ICG) is an affiliation of hobbyist and professional costumers, dedicated to the promotion and education of costuming as an art form in all its aspects.

The ICG was formed in 1985 to bring hobbyist and professional costume creators from around the world together, and to foster local educational and social costume events.

We welcome everyone with an interest in the art of costuming and cosplay. Our members include historic re-enactors; professional, educational and community theatrical costumers; science fiction, fantasy and anime fans; renaissance festival participants; and all those who are interested in the making, wearing and display of costumes.

ICG chapters enable members in a geographic location to meet regularly to trade tips, skills, and ideas. ICG Special Interest Groups (SIGs) enable members worldwide with an interest in some aspect or genre of costuming to pursue their interest by sharing information through online forums and social media, and organizing programs at conventions.

The ICG also offers advice and expertise to the costuming and cosplay community, as well as to print, broadcast, and online media worldwide.

Please visit the ICG site for more information, and consider joining your local chapter!

You can also find us on social media:

International Costumers' Guild, Inc Facebook Group for information about the ICG
The International Costumers Gallery Facebook Group for information about ongoing projects
ICGArchives feed on YouTube for historical and archival videos

Do you want to support the International Costumers' Guild? Consider making a tax-deductible donation. You can make a general donation to the ICG (a registered 501c3 nonprofit), or you can specify that your donation should go to the The Pat and Peggy Kennedy Archive and Photo Gallery Fund.